Voyager Proportional Profile Planning

Streamline demand to supply translation.

Logility Voyager Proportional Profile Planning™ translates high-level forecasts into granular, item-level plans to close the gap between demand planning, supply, sourcing and production planning. Many companies struggle with the complex task of disaggregating forecasts from the product level to the SKU or even more granular level, but for products with three or more unique attributes, projecting the percentage of overall demand for each product variant can mean the difference between profitability and filling the clearance bins.

Voyager Proportional Profile Planning lets you easily create profile curves based on any set of product attributes (finish, style, color, size, gender, region, speed, power, material type, trim level, configuration, etc.) and generate precise, granular forecasts earlier in the product's life cycle. You can create profiles quickly, group items automatically, manage a catalog of named profiles and apply profiles automatically, based on attributes. Time-phased profiles can be tuned to a specific stage in the product life cycle, such as sell-in periods, replenishment stages and phase-out.

Revolutionize forecast precision based on market and product attributes.

Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to forecasting can result in costly markdowns and excess inventory expense. Voyager Proportional Profile Planning simplifies the complex process of forecasting future demand for each product by modeling the historical patterns of items with similar attributes. For item variants with sporadic or lumpy demand, profiling improves on the statistical or aggregate forecast to give your plans more precision. Profiles can be adjusted or swapped out in response to actual demand and sales data.

Voyager Proportional Profile Planning allows you to:

  • Apply attribute-based (finish, style, color, size, region, speed, etc.) profiles for demand disaggregation and greater precision
  • Efficiently forecast very large numbers of product configurations
  • Apply time-phased profiles to optimize inventory at each life cycle stage
  • Create flexible multi-tier profiles with any number of levels
  • Synchronize demand to supply translation to align supply, sourcing, and production planning

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