Demand Optimization

Plan smarter

Demand Optimization

More accurate forecasts drive more accurate downstream supply chain plans that boost profitability, satisfy customers and synchronize supply chain partners.

Meet your digital supply chain agenda: synchronize activities and gain time, accuracy and efficiency. Use demand sensing to add short-term precision to long-term planning efforts. Reduce inventory costs. Eliminate obsolete inventory. Slash expediting costs.
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Voyager Pulse Wise

Keep your fingers on the pulse of current market and business conditions. Voyager Pulse Wise™ is an autonomous engine that continuously senses, analyzes and updates demand planning parameters in real time to help ensure your supply chain operates at peak performance. It leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze future demand signals and actual performance to proactively react to changes that may impact forecast accuracy.

  • Monitor and improve forecast accuracy in real time
  • Automate planning and accelerate time to market
  • Respond to dynamic market conditions
  • Reduce the burden of manual forecast tuning and free up your planning team’s time for more strategic activities
Voyager Demand Sensing

Leverage artificial intelligence and near real-time information to create an accurate short-term, sense-and-respond forecast to increase margins and synchronize inventory deployment.. Voyager Demand Sensing evaluates big data in a structured way to recognize complex patterns and identify actionable demand signals. It captures and analyzes demand signals from internal and external sources, including point of sale (POS), demand signal repositories (DSR), social media, syndicated data and weather, to identify demand trends, provide advanced warning of problems and enable fast and intelligent response.

  • Improve short-term forecast accuracy and reduce latency to demand changes
  • Reduce the total inventory required to meet customer service requirements
  • Optimally deploy and redeploy inventory based on changes in daily demand
  • Improve customer fill-rates through agile deployment
Voyager Demand Planning

Capture the needs of an entire enterprise in one plan to guide your business. Voyager Demand Planning allows you to increase product availability and improve profitability with advanced forecasting models.

  • Leverage machine learning and advanced analytics to make better decisions faster
  • Reconcile differences between high-level business planning and low-level product forecasting
  • Automatically generate forecasts at business levels that you define, from sales and marketing to logistics and financials
  • Boost customer service and perfect orders
  • Segment demand by customer, channel and product attributes
  • Eliminate redundant and obsolete inventory and decrease inventory carrying costs
  • Synchronize customer demand with inventory investments
Voyager Life Cycle Planning

Successful product launches? Maximized margins from product sunsets? Accurately predict demand for all product life cycle phases, including new product introductions (NPI), short-life or seasonal products and end-of-life products.

Artificial intelligence analyzes product and market attributes to create

  • demand profiles
  • profile assignments
  • automated accuracy assessments and profile changes
  • automated forecast revisions

To quickly model the impact of

  • multiple demand scenarios
  • consumer-buying patterns
  • additional demand signals (e.g., big data, IoT, syndicated data)
Voyager Proportional Profile Planning

The difference between filling the bank or the clearance bin is now at your fingertips.
With Voyager Proportional Profile Planning, you can predict demand at aggregate levels and drive greater precision at granular levels to streamline sourcing and production

  • Leverage patented analytics to synchronize demand with supply, sourcing and production resources
  • Apply attribute-based (finish, style, color, size, region, speed, etc.) profiles for demand disaggregation and greater precision
  • Efficiently forecast very large numbers of product configurations
  • Apply time-phased profiles to predict demand at each life cycle stage
  • Create flexible, multi-tier profiles with any number of levels

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