Logility Acquires Network Optimization Provider Starboard Solutions

With Starboard capabilities integrated into the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform, clients can better answer “what-if” scenarios and optimize supply chain networks to overcome disruptions and drive growth.


Logility provides the solutions you need to plan, pivot and keep your business moving forward.

The integration of Starboard’s capabilities into the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform will offer supply chain leaders enhanced integrated business planning. Clients will be able to:

  • improve risk mitigation by measuring and tracking future shipments for each vendor and identifying any bottlenecks;
  • adapt to alternate vendor scenarios and source new suppliers;
  • understand and reduce emissions with the first in-market Scope 3 Emissions platform;
  • and determine total landed costs, measuring tariffs and taxes at each node.

Clients will be able to model a response to disruptions and update their operating plan within the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform in minutes to enact the new operating paradigm.

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“Now more than ever, supply chain leaders need solutions to help them see around the corner, plan for plausible changes and quickly pivot to keep their businesses moving forward. Adding Starboard into Logility’s portfolio mix gives our clients that and more. Starboard gives Logility clients the confidence to make the right multibillion dollar investment decisions based on risk, cost and service.”

Allan Dow, President of Logility

“We launched Starboard to create a modern and easy way for supply chain leaders to visualize their supply chains and make better decisions. Joining forces with a proven leader in supply chain planning technology like Logility is a natural extension of that goal. Our shared approach to innovation and customer service will undoubtedly create a positive impact for our clients and the market at large.”

Steve Johanson, CEO at Starboard

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