Responding With Speed and Reducing Latency

Companies that thrive during disruptions have commonalities: they have access to accurate, up-to-the-minute data; they can gather and analyze that data quickly; they can instantly understand supply chain risks and opportunities; and they can respond quickly and decisively to ensure optimal outcomes.

Like it or not, disruptions are the new normal – so how can you improve your response time and become a thriving and resilient enterprise, like those that Logility works with every day?

A big concern for organizations is that the data being used to make key decisions is outdated and inconsistent across internal and external sources including enterprise systems and spreadsheets. Reducing latency in decision-making means reducing latency in the data itself – modeling and evaluating the strategic and operational impact of disruptions using up-to-the-minute data – and then advising business leaders of the best course of action to take.

With Logility, you can leverage a digital twin of your supply chain to model a disruption such as a plant closure, and quickly understand the impact. You can then operationalize the plan so that planners can act without delay, should a scenario become reality.

Logility’s ‘always-on’ scenario and simulation capabilities allow you to:

  • Consider multiple possibilities in the planning horizon
  • Strategically model the supply chain and use that in the S&OP process
  • React in the near term with confidence
  • Analyze risks on the horizon so you can easily resolve those risks should a disruption occur