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Consumer Goods

SCM solutions for consumer goods supply chains pack performance.

Consumer Goods Business Issues ImageAggressive competition, margin erosion and the need to lead with a strong brand preference are facts of life in the consumer goods market. Companies are trying various options to gain a competitive advantage on the consumer goods supply chain. Some are accelerating product introductions. Many are moving to offshore manufacturing in response to cost pressures. This creates even more challenges. How do you control quality and brand integrity with production facilities overseas? How do you manage the logistics to deliver the right product, at the right place at the right time to meet customer expectations and prevent inventory obsolescence? Today, efficiently and effectively managing the consumer goods supply chain is pivotal to your success.

How supply chain management software solutions
address issues in CPG supply chains.

Logility Voyager Solutions™ present a number of SCM solutions that provide the real-time visibility and flexible scenario-based planning you need to improve performance and grow your margins. You can align your operational activities and corporate goals. Flexible demand planning and forecast accuracy can help you minimize inventory risk. You can leverage global sourcing strategies to shorten lead times. And with improved inventory planning and supply chain management tools for the consumer goods industry, you can provide better customer service and ensure product availability while reducing costs. You'll have the agility and correct inventory to accelerate replenishment to boost sales.

How supply chain management software solutions address issues in CPG supply chains.

Consumer goods companies are achieving remarkable results with Logility's SCM solutions. You can capitalize on this proven technology to:

  • Streamline sales & operations planning (S&OP)
  • Achieve faster product introductions and phase-outs
  • Gain time-phased demand visibility by geography, customer and SKU
  • Manage time-phased inventory investments at the SKU level
  • Employ service-based replenishment triggers
  • Leverage sophisticated life cycle and event planning techniques
  • Cut transportation costs with optimized shipment planning, streamlined management and automated load tendering
  • Analyze the tradeoffs between customer service goals and inventory investments
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