Reuters Presents: Enhancing Supplier Collaboration to Drive Sustainability

Many companies want to have sustainable supply chains, but if it were easy, everyone would be doing it already. It’s incredibly difficult to ensure your entire supply chain is supporting your sustainability initiatives with traditional business practices and tools. Enabling technology for sustainable supply chains creates the right level of visibility and supplier collaboration so that companies can manage and verify they are meeting the Corporate Social Responsibility goals they have set.

Key discussion points:

  • Creating a transparent supply chain is not simply a matter of determining what information to disclose to consumers; businesses must first gain visibility into their own supply chains. Understand why supply chain visibility is so important for sustainability and learn how businesses can improve transparency across their own operations to help drive these initiatives
  • The level of effort and resources needed to monitor first-tier suppliers, let alone upper-tier ones, can be very costly and time consuming without the right technology. Learn how best to leverage supply chain visibility solutions to drive towards a more sustainable operation for your business, limiting waste in supply chain processes and maximizing capacity usage.
  • Explore how material traceability improves supply chain sustainability and why vendor collaboration & connectivity is so important to drive sustainability success.

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