Red Wing Shoe Company Masters Retail Supply Chain Collaboration

Red Wing Shoe Company is a leading purpose-built footwear company specializing in work and outdoor products that can stand up to conditions around the world. Its retail network, dealer channels and directly owned stores serve the hardest working consumers in the world.


Red Wing needed a better forecast to more efficiently position inventory, improve the Sales Inventory Operations Planning (SIOP) process and collaborate with its suppliers more effectively.


Red Wing deployed Logility Voyager Solutions™ and reduced inventory across its supply chain network, increased fill rates, shortened lead times, cut the SIOP process time in half and improved forecast accuracy.

Bottom Line

  • Cut SIOP process time by more than 50%
  • Reduced inventory by 27%
  • Increased visibility and improved forecast accuracy by 30%
  • Decreased lead times by 30%
  • Built a collaborative environment with trust in the statistical forecast and the SIOP process
  • Increased fill rates by 8-10%