Retail Optimization

Plans that never go out of style

Retail Optimization

Increase profits and strengthen brands with Voyager Retail Optimization™.

Customers don’t just want shoes. They want shoes at the right price, in the right color, style and size at the point-of-purchase of their choice—100 percent of the time. Or maybe it’s eye shadow. Or a set of end tables.
A message to your customers: Style on.
Logility’s unique solutions synchronize sourcing from manufacturing to store merchandising. You can create plans that boost sales, increase margins and cut inventory costs.
Here’s how.
Voyager Merchandise & Assortment Planning™

The scenic view has street-level focus with Voyager Merchandise Planning & Allocation. It converts high-level financial goals into chain and store-level plans for both financial and unit profiles to maximize sales potential while minimizing markdowns and out-of-stocks. Consider us your “zoom” feature.  Then close the gap between financial planning, store planning and the buyer to accurately identify the optimal merchandise mix.

Simplify merchandise and assortment planning and make it an easily repeatable process.

Take a closer look:

  • Balance plans at all levels, from company goals to SKU, from chain to store, from year to season, month and week
  • Identify the optimal merchandising mix, considering multiple factors like item attributes, store cluster, location and capacity, the quantity of product to be carried and the phasing of products into stores
  • Gain new insight into Class-level and SKU-level investments to achieve financial plans
  • Update store financial and unit sales and stock plans
  • Create inspiration boards that influence time-phased merchandise collections
  • Review channel, cluster and store specific assortment plans that can be actioned into purchase orders and store allocations
Voyager Allocation

Voyager Allocation automates the replenishment of fashion items at the store and group level by demand sensing to identify short-term trends. It then models their performance against similar items and categories with historical data. As the selling season progresses for stores and direct-to-consumer channels, you can enact “pull-based” shipments based on POS demand signals and re-forecasted projections. You’ll be able to balance each store’s contribution to plan coverage and factor in minimum and maximum constraints by location.

Here’s the plan:

  • Manage fashion replenishment and integrated allocations to dynamically react, adapt and take action based on customer demand, product assortments and sales trends
  • Set up omni-channel allocations spanning stores, outlets, ecommerce and more
  • Accelerate bulk and pre-pack merchandise allocation to specific stores with flexible pre-pack rules
  • Support capacity-constrained locations with virtual warehouse reserves
  • Increase inventory turns and reduce markdowns
  • Reduce store-to-store and DC-to-DC transfers
  • Allocate packs and bulks together, as individual items or entire collections

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Learn What Retail Optimization from Logility Means

Review this short explainer video and see how Logility turns merchandise and assortment planning with allocation into a powerful advantage for retailers.

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