Freight Accounting

Voyager Transportation Planning and Management improves the flow of financial information and funds. As a result, you can be sure that each valid shipment is efficiently paid only once, in the correct amount and on time. Accounting functions for many orders can be performed without any human intervention.

Audit/Payment Control

Voyager Transportation Planning and Management automatically manages the audit and payment of EDI, hard copy, or Internet-entered freight bills. This process helps prevent duplicate payments, reject erroneous billings and prevent overpayments to carriers.


This function is designed for use with carriers who accept payment for shipping services without issuing a freight bill. According to a recent AberdeenGroup report, companies practicing self-invoicing report reductions in payment processing costs, fewer settlement disputes, lower manpower requirements, and more dependable payment to carriers. The self-invoicing capabilities within Voyager Transportation Planning and Management enable a paperless freight-invoicing environment based on the system's rating of the shipment.

Freight Cost Allocations and Accruals Reporting

Freight costs are automatically allocated to products, SKUs or orders based on a pre-determined formula. Prior to payment, this allocated cost information forms the basis of your freight accrual process. Once shipments have been paid, freight cost information is typically passed to GL. Additionally, Voyager Transportation Planning and Management helps companies determine total landed costs by enabling freight cost allocation at the product level.


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