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The optimal mix of quality, efficiency and service.

Raw material volumes. Transportation costs. Energy requirements. All mega-sized challenges in the process chemical industry that can create even bigger declines in profits without proper planning. On top of that, market volatility stresses resources and complicates the anticipation and coordination of supply chain activities. Inadequate planning capabilities become bottlenecks that result in lower revenue.
Unless, of course, you have Logility Voyager Solutions™.
You’ll be able to reduce inventory and lost tonnage by using algorithmic optimization to make deployment decisions. At the same time, ensure on-time deliveries, accelerated replenishment and compliance with regulatory requirements.
Let’s take a look:

Increase demand forecast accuracy by item, location, customer and/or product group

Forecast demand in multiple units of measurement linked to specific markets

Automate the management of multi-stage capacity constraints, changeovers, safety requirements, and more

Ensure maximum service at the lowest cost by optimizing inventory policies holistically across a multi-echelon network

Automate the routine to focus more resources on value-adding activities

The future of supply chain planning, available today

Forecast at
the SKU level

Use machine learning and automation to get the best forecast with the least amount of user effort.

Integrated business

Turn sales and operations planning (S&OP) and strategic planning into a formal, comprehensive integrated business planning (IBP) process.

Achieve one-number

Leverage collaboration and agility to enable one-number planning.

Automatically set optimal
time-phased inventory targets

Balance the trade-off between desired service levels and inventory investments.

Optimize production within
individual plants

Automatically manage multi-stage capacity constraints, changeovers, safety requirements and more.

Optimize production
across multiple plants

Synchronize production plans across multiple plants, developing plans that effectively meet goals such as least-cost, least setups and inventory limits.

Effectively balance

Strategically position inventory across your multi-echelon distribution network and identify the optimal mix of inventory to keep across finished goods, intermediate and raw material.

Maintain effective
inventory policies

Analyze inventories using multi-variate stratification and multi-period service level optimization, then automatically apply inventory stocking policies based on pre-set rankings.

Meet service goals
cost effectively

Use customer-specific forecasting capabilities, “what-if” analysis and time-phased inventory policies to gauge the cost of serving key accounts—or adding a new product, customer or market.

Incorporate structured
and unstructured data

Leverage data from internal and external sources to gain insights into global supply chain conditions.

Success with Logility solutions

Dow Chemical Company

Logility Voyager Solutions helped Dow improve visibility between plants, reduce inventory and manpower, increase planning efficiency by almost 100% and decrease the production of off-grade material.

IPG implemented Logility Voyager Solutions and experienced significant supply chain improvements.

Logility Voyager Solutions™ helped Kelly-Moore expand its competitive advantage and improve customer service.

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