Strategic Consultant

  • LocationRemote U.S.
  • Technical services
  • Full Time



  • Stakeholder analysis, leadership alignment, change readiness planning, communications planning and development, engagement activities, culture transformation, training strategy and development, and other areas of change management.
  • Developing and managing an end-to-end change management program that will enable the Supply Chain transformations.
  • Working hand in hand with Solution Architects and Technical Architects will ensure the business process to system match is geared for customer success.


  • Attentive Listener: Listening is crucial. Not just to find out what customers need or what their problems and aspirations are, but also because clients want to be heard. They need someone to share their anxiety and doubts with.
  • Principal Investigator: Need to be able to connect the dots. By listening to people, they can obtain relevant information and turn these into valuable insights.
  • Discussion Leader: Organizations are groups of people. This means that helping organizations generate and execute strategy involves working with people, collaborating, and guiding productive dialogues and discussions between them.
  • Critical Inspirator: Not a passive process facilitator. They need to give their ideas and question assumptions and claims that are made. As such, they inspire and challenge their clients to think differently.
  • Communication Channel: Working with people all over the client’s organization, the strategy consultant is a de facto communication channel. They can help make sure that employees’ voices are leveraged and considered by the steering committee.
  • Progress Manager: To effectuate actual changes, must also be involved in execution—as mentor and coach making sure progress is being made.
  • Stable Anchor: New strategy tends to lead to significant change, able to cope with uncertainty. This requires an (emotionally) stable anchor on which clients can rely.
  • Ethical Guide: Ethical guidance is important—not by preaching but by weaving ethics and sustainability intrinsically into the process.
  • Practical Educator: With their knowledge of supply chain strategy, adds value when they help their clients develop and improve their strategic supply chain competence. By working closely with the customer educating them, clients learn in a practical manner.
  • Partnership: Collaborates and works with our chosen partners to aid and advise on best practice implementation strategies that make our customers more successful


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, or a similar area.
  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC) credential, preferred.
  • Project Management software – the application of project management software can be helpful for Strategy Consultants in areas of budget management and scheduling.
  • Marketing Analytics sools – to help them successfully analyze markets and market trends, it is crucial that Strategy Consultants understand the use of marketing analytics software.
  • Microsoft Office applications – the use of Word, PowerPoint and Outlook are essential to help Strategy Consultants communicate with and make presentations to managers, executives, and other corporate leaders.
  • Previous consulting experience in the area of Supply Chain Change Management and Business process reorganization is highly desired.
  • Up to 80% travel is required post-Covid.

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