Retail supply chain management turns demand insights into higher margins.

In retail, profitability and predictability go hand in hand. In the specialty segment, where consumer expectations are high and competition is heavy, avoiding out-of-stocks is critical. But too much product—on the shelf, at the warehouse, backed up in a less-than-agile supply chain— triggers drastic markdowns and dilutes profits.

How retail supply chain management helps

Logility Voyager Solutions™ empower you to increase product availability… boost margins and profitability… execute successful promotional events… optimize product delivery… and not only survive, but thrive, in the changing retail economy. By accurately predicting future market needs, you can improve in-stock positions while optimizing inventory investments. As new market intelligence is available, you can make replanning quick and effective.

Our retail supply chain management software will help you:
  • Boost forecast accuracy
  • Improve sales and operations planning
  • Ensure in-store product availability
  • Increase inventory turns
  • Successfully plan and manage promotions
  • Set time-phased inventory targets
  • Easily collaborate with suppliers
  • Improve sourcing and production of private-labeled products
  • Reduce out-of-stocks

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