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Increase the profitability of each
fashion season

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Condense lead times and diminish inventory risk.

Logility Voyager Solutions™ provide the advanced analytics capabilities you need to easily create optimal plans at multiple levels of your business. You can seamlessly manage SKU variables such as style, color and size. And, with the visibility and flexibility offered by our digital supply chain solutions, improve product availability, align inventory investments and deployment, and control costs while minimizing product obsolescence.
Let’s take a look:

Shorten design-to-delivery cycle times and increase perfect orders

Collapse cash-to-cash cycle times

Improve effectiveness of promotions and reduce weeks of supply

Boost the number of full-price sales and leverage point-of-sale (POS) data

Automate the routine and focus more attention of delighting the customer

The future of supply chain planning, available today

Plan at style/color,
execute at the SKU level

Predict sales for thousands of SKUs with seasonal life spans.

Improve launches
of season collections

Produce highly accurate style, size and color forecasts at the earliest possible opportunity for increased profitability in seasonal collections.

Monitor performance
and reduce risk

Use the real-time visibility offered by big data, in-memory processing, continuous planning, demand sensing and collaboration to stay on top of global supply chain priorities.

Incorporate structured
and unstructured data

Leverage data from internal and external sources, including IoT signals, to gain insights into global supply chain conditions.

Evaluate the best
source of supply

Model your supply network and generate multiple supply plans that consider all restraints.

Meet service goals
cost effectively

Comply with retailers’ demands for customized assortments and support their vendor-managed inventory (VMI) policies.

Achieve one-number

Manage planning at many levels across your business and view a single, consistent plan at multiple levels of detail.

Integrated business

Turn Merchandising, Inventory and Operations Execution (MIOE)sand strategic planning into a formal, comprehensive integrated business planning (IBP) capability.

Streamline new
collection introductions

Use Logility’s algorithmic optimization capabilities to excel in planning products with non-existent, lumpy or seasonal product introductions.

Easily distinguish
promotional demand

Take advantage of Logility’s demand modeling strengths to help you uniquely model changes in demand related to new store openings, special offers, advertising or other sales anomalies.

Gain total
planning agility

Easily plan demand by season, style, color, size and other attributes.

Success with Logility solutions

With Logility Voyager Solutions, Haggar gained forecast and inventory visibility to better control shipments and get product to the right stores at the right time.

Logility Voyager Solutions helped Williamson-Dickie improve the accuracy of its forecasts, which in turn reduced supply chain costs, increased inventory turns and helped maintain high customer service levels.

Red Wing deployed Logility Voyager Solutions™ and reduced inventory across its supply chain network, increased fill rates, shortened lead times, cut the SIOP process time in half and improved forecast accuracy.

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