Planning Optimized: Building a Competitive Advantage


Achieving an optimal supply chain and inventory planning state is a journey of continuous planning improvement. Customer requirements change, corporate goals evolve and market dynamics shift quickly and often. It is up to the supply chain organization to be prepared, flexible and responsive to these changes through the right combination of talent, processes and advanced technology.

Optimization, algorithmic planning, artificial intelligence and machine learning are terms used daily in conjunction with supply chain and inventory planning operations. But how do you determine what might be beneficial to your company’s supply chain operations and how do you start the journey to acquire and master the advanced supply chain planning capabilities required to develop and sustain a competitive advantage?

Why is inventory planning and other optimized planning efforts so important? Executive management teams view the supply chain as a critical part of the business. In times of uncertainty and growing supply chain complexity, you must take advantage of every opportunity available. Lost sales, excess inventory, inefficient operations or constrained cash flow can sink a company. Strategically-focused organizations with advanced supply chain, inventory planning and optimization capabilities are leading the move towards efficient and effective operations. These companies have turned to their supply chains as a way to drive value and business success through reduced costs and improved customer service. These leaders are embracing continuous planning, and they are the definition of Planning Optimized.

This white paper discusses the most important advanced planning capabilities and how they can lead to a state of optimized, continuous planning across your supply chain.