ERP for the modern, global supply chain? You can do better!


Your supply chain deserves more than ERP.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems lack the breadth and depth of capabilities needed to support today’s complex supply chains. ERP vendors are not supply chain experts; they lack the knowledge and experience required to understand the unique needs of your industry and drive better outcomes for your business.

The Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform offers best-of-breed supply chain planning to enable increased service levels, minimized inventory, fact-based decision-making, better handling of demand uncertainty and supply volatility and product lifecycle management for maximum profitability.

Simplify supply chain complexity

Get the right support for your unique challenges, goals and network diversity.

Accelerate decision-making

Leverage machine learning and advanced analytics to make faster, more empowered decisions.

Balance supply and demand profitably

Understand market needs and respond quickly to disruptions and opportunities.

Achieve business goals

Build an agile, resilient, sustainable supply chain with the industry leader committed to delivering better outcomes for your business.

Does your ERP offer this?

  • Automated order promising – ATP, CTP, PTP
  • Mature, constraint-based optimization capabilities to fully support global, multi-echelon supply chains
  • Multi-horizon integrated business planning for all short-, medium- and long-term modeling and planning needs
  • Modern, simple web-based UX
  • Seamless machine learning and AI-driven insights
  • Trusted advice from the world’s supply chain experts to guide your supply chain transformation journey every step of the way

Relevant Solutions

Automated Order Promising

Integrated Business Planning

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Logility Promising Orders in Uncertain Times

Learn how an organization can better respond to spikes in demand to meet customer expectations. Evaluate Available-to-Promise (ATP), Capable-to-Promise (CTP) and Profitable-to-Promise (PTP) capabilities to improve customer service and model supply chain opportunities, leveraging an active digital twin to quickly determine the ability to fulfil a customer order. See an order dashboard in action to understand how to better track available inventory, analyze how profitable an order will be, and effectively execute order updates.

A trusted innovation partner.

Logility has helped hundreds of the world’s largest brands go beyond the limitations (and frustrations) of enterprise resource planning to achieve true digital transformation.

Rodan Fields

Logility provides us with an integrated view of global operations – our first common platform across the company. Although multiple ERPs are still in place, we have made significant strides in gaining supply chain visibility around the world.

Logility knows supply chain solutions and our business. Logility invests to stay ahead of market needs and understands how those changing needs impact our business. You just don’t get that depth of supply chain planning experience with an ERP solution alone.

It’s easier to get the information from Logility than from our underlying ERP system. Pulling information is quicker and it’s easier for our customers to understand up or down performance immediately.

Take your supply chain to the next level.

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