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Use process chemical supply chain software for an optimal mix of quality, efficiency and service.

For asset-intensive companies in the process and chemical industries, supply chain challenges are rarely small and uncomplicated. Raw material volumes, transportation costs and energy requirements can be huge—and so can lost profits if forecasts and quality miss the mark. Market volatility stresses resources dispersed across the globe. This, in turn, makes it hard to anticipate and coordinate supply chain activities. Long planning horizons often lead to production bottlenecks that lower revenues. But there are answers to these problems. You’ll find them in the form of technology that can keep visibility, efficiency and product excellence flowing throughout your global network.

How process chemical supply chain software helps

Logility Voyager Solutions™ help highly regulated industries plagued by rising energy costs by providing real-time visibility into supply chain activities, rich analysis tools and robust simulation and optimization capabilities to quickly respond to changing market needs… increase efficiencies in a multi-echelon manufacturing and distribution environment… optimize utilization of production capacity… reduce inventory stockpiles… ensure on-time deliveries at least cost… accelerate replenishment… and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Our process chemical SCM software will help you:
  • Increase demand forecast accuracy by item, location, customer and/or product group
  • Optimize production within individual plants by automatically managing multi-stage capacity constraints, changeovers, safety requirements and more
  • Reduce inventory and lost tonnage by optimizing deployment at key distribution points
  • Synchronize multi-plant activity optimizing time-phased sourcing decisions and coordinating multi-plant production
  • Forecast demand in multiple units of measurement linked to specific markets
  • Optimize inventory policies holistically across a multi-echelon network, ensuring maximum service at lowest cost
  • Streamline and align sales and operations planning (S&OP), strategic planning and integrated business planning

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PPG Industries achieved a 20% reduction in inventory, and improved product availability to 98% in the UK, and between 85 and 100% in other parts of Europe. Additionally, lead times were reduced by 50%, and for the first time PPG was able to give its suppliers advanced information of their exact requirements.