Retail Optimization

Retail optimization solution automates merchandise planning and allocation

Retail consumers expect to find the items they want for the right price, in the right color, style, and size at the point-of-purchase they prefer 100% of the time. Improving your retail merchandising processes is the surest way to provide a superior omni-channel customer experience, increase profits and strengthen brands.

Logility retail management solutions help put products in front of people more effectively and profitably than you’ve ever done before. How? Our solutions optimize and automate merchandise planning and allocation, from demand plan to assortment plan, from distribution center to store door, from pack-ship to replenishment.

Voyager Retail Optimization offers completely synchronized retail management solutions—top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out—integrating forecasting, store planning, allocation, assortment planning, fashion replenishment, and more. Now you can automate and schedule all your merchandise processes, handle hundreds of thousands of SKU-stores as well as online channels, and optimize down to the most granular item-store-day level of detail.

Optimize every channel—store, online, discount, catalog—for balance and cost-efficiency

Retailers who are unable to plan, allocate, and reforecast at this level of detail will always struggle to meet customer demand, while those that improve their planning, allocation and store replenishment process will boost sales, increase margins and cut inventory costs. Logility’s unique retail supply chain solutions optimize your operations from sourcing through manufacturing to store and customer delivery, intelligently harmonizing merchandise financial plans with customer demand at each retail location.

Logility retail management solutions help you:

  • Balance plans at all levels, from company to SKU, from chain to store, using dynamic store needs projections
  • Plan effectively over multiple horizons (seasons, months, weeks, days)
  • Create a comprehensive omni-channel customer experience
  • Automate planning workflows
  • Match allocation and replenishment plans to individual store needs
  • Dynamically update future store financial and unit sales and stock plans

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