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Logility Voyager Solutions™ is a suite of collaborative, best-of-breed supply chain management (SCM) software solutions that help small, medium, large and Fortune 500 companies realize substantial bottom-line results in record time.

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Tiffany & Co.

Johnstone Supply


Advanced Analytics

Built into all Logility supply chain management software, this technology allows you to proactively monitor, notify, control and measure supply chain operations on an exception basis.


Demand Optimization

Increase forecast accuracy. Streamline product introductions. Effectively plan and manage product life cycles. Assess promotions and bring visibility to your demand plans.


Transportation & Logistics Optimization

Improved customer service and higher margins are among the powerful results driven by best-of-breed transportation and warehouse management systems.

Value Chain Collaboration

Logility enables you and your trading partners to work in concert – using web-based collaboration applications – to collectively improve global supply chain performance.


Supply Optimization

The effective way to optimize your material, inventory, production, sourcing and distribution assets. Logility’s supply optimization capabilities can help you realize greater profits by balancing constraints and business goals.

Inventory Optimization

Profitability often rides on the inventory moving through your supply chain. Effective inventory optimization can reduce product obsolescence, improve investment allocations and enhance customer service.