Product Traceability Using Chain of Custody

Traceability throughout all tiers of the supply chain is a strategic initiative for brand owners and retailers that provides clear visibility into every level of their multi-tier supply network. Supply chain transparency and the environmental impact of supply chain operations are highly coveted data points that all companies want to measure and share with customers, partners, and corporate stakeholders.

This initiative has accelerated over recent weeks due to forced labor allegations in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China. More than 80% of Chinese cotton comes from this region. Recent legislation by the U.S. government seeks to prohibit the import of merchandise using inputs manufactured in this region.

Using a private blockchain, Logility’s Traceability solution ensures that companies can track their product’s chain of custody by storing the history of every transaction between all suppliers at every level.

Use anomaly detection, exception alerts, advanced analytics and proactive notifications to discover any unauthorized or prohibited suppliers within the supply network.

Associating environmental measurements for every facility in a product’s journey, the digital thread of each product can also provide sustainability metrics. All industry leading apparel companies have Corporate Responsibility goals to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their use of organic and recycled materials.  Logility’s Traceability solution provides a method to achieve those goals.

Traceability Benefits:

  • Centralize Supplier Information
  • Track Material Chain of Custody
  • Verify Supply Chain Transactions
  • Create a Compliance Certificate
  • Identify Supply Chain Risk