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  • Are You Ready to Reduce Costs, Improve Service Levels and Create a Competitive Advantage for Your Business?

    Take our Maturity Assessment to Determine Your Readiness for Integrated Business Planning

    This integrated business planning (IBP) assessment has been designed to holistically assess IBP maturity across your organization.

    Logility has prepared 20 insightful questions to help determine your readiness for IBP based on decades of digital supply chain planning expertise and demonstrated leadership.

    Scoring is categorized across 6 business capabilities: Inputs, Outputs, KPIs, Process, Life Cycle Management and Collaboration.

    Please rate from 1 – 4 where you believe your business to be in terms of confidence against the questions, 1 being the lowest level of confidence and 4 being the highest.

    Once you complete the assessment, Logility will provide analysis and follow-up that consists of a discovery process and expected strategic outcome to help you on your way toward a high-value, low-risk IBP maturity journey.