Utilizing S&OP to Mitigate Risk and Plan for the Unexpected


Your business can change unexpectedly and how you respond to these changes can be the difference between success and failure. Today, you have access to more information than ever to help guide your decisions but far too often this can be overwhelming. Most are not ready to take on the increase in information in a meaningful way.

Advanced sales and operations planning (S&OP) allows you to turn information into actionable insights that fuel your digital supply chain, uncover new opportunities and mitigate risks. An Advanced S&OP process can help fuel collaboration, ensure the company operates on a single plan that supports your financial and service levels goals. Your plan has to synchronize across multiple departments and external trading partners.

Supply chain teams need to continually leverage advanced analytics to adjust their plans, take advantage of new data, and collaborate with partners. “You can’t wait until the end of the month to communicate changes and share the latest insights. It is imperative for supply chains to embrace a mix of continuous and periodic planning to evaluate what’s going on and optimize decision-making as quickly as possible. That’s a best practices scenario,” Karin Bursa, executive vice president at Logility.

Decision-making gets smarter when it’s augmented by cutting-edge analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Bursa said it’s not just about the level of detail of data available, but what you can do with it. “It’s driven by what computer systems can perform these days. It wasn’t previously possible to do these simulations and performance analyses quickly. Computers just weren’t big enough, and the software solutions weren’t viable. With the capabilities we have today, you can solve these problems in a matter of seconds. We’ve come a long way.” AI now plays a key role in the digital supply chain and an Advanced S&OP process.

In this featured special report, we examine how Advanced S&OP can help you mitigate risks, plan for the unexpected and propel your business forward.