Supply Chain Success: Faster ROI

Advanced supply chain solutions are all about creating value, and leading companies use their supply chain prowess to gain competitive advantage by achieving higher service levels, lower cost-to-serve and a range of other differentiators. Over the last decade supply chain planning has become an important discipline among leading companies.

What are the key factors that deliver the maximum benefits of supply chain planning to the business? Logility discusses recent qualitative research conducted by Supply Chain Insights.

The informative discussion asks what factors drive planning productivity, and reveals how value is driven by a solution’s functional fit and depth of capability, as well as by speedy implementation and degree of team alignment. The Supply Chain Insights research study shines a light on surprising differences in the level of satisfaction between users of best-of-breed solutions and users of add-on modules provided by ERP vendors such as SAP and Oracle. So, does “tight integration” trump “usability and functionality” when it comes to supply chain success and faster ROI? This quantitative survey answers with a resounding “No!”