Hostess: The Sweetest Supply Chain Comeback in History

Hostess’s consumer packaged goods supply chain combines bake-to-order and bake-to-inventory, with distribution through a direct store delivery system of 600 depots and more than 5,600 routes, using a fleet of 4,000 tractor trailers and 8,000 route trucks. Hostess revamped its supply chain to place nearly 100 million snack cakes, including Twinkies, CupCakes and Donettes, on store shelves, while providing best-in-class service driven by a corporate strategy of innovation and growth. With Logility planning optimization technology, the Hostess team re-engineered its supply chain model to leverage new talent, a new distribution strategy, new partners, and a new supply chain planning system.

Because its vision encompassed demand, inventory and replenishment planning, as well as production planning to optimize bakery efficiency, the Hostess team adopted the Logility Voyager Solutions as its supply chain optimization solution. It has hailed Logility as a “game-changer” that combines great functional depth with ease of use. Everything is modeled and organized in the Logility solution to provide “one version of the truth” for all supply chain stakeholders. Actions are guided and focused by intuitive alerts and insightful analytics.

Logility helps Hostess synchronize resources and inventory investments while harnessing the power of people, production and distribution to support a growing portfolio of products and a faster cadence of bold new product introductions.