Ferguson Builds an Agile Supply Chain

Wholesale Distributors fill the gap between manufacturers and customers by carrying a wide assortment of products, providing industry knowledge about how to use and implement products, and offering value added services like sales, design and installation. With broad product portfolios and high expectations of in-stock availability, how can a wholesale distributor supply a broad and deep product portfolio while making a profit in an intensely competitive segment?

Ferguson Enterprises is a leading distributor of plumbing supplies, pipe, valves, fittings (PVF), and heating and cooling equipment (HVAC/R). Faced with these challenges, Ferguson leveraged Logility Voyager Solutions to build an agile supply chain, moving from a purchasing-driven culture to a demand-driven organization. This transformation boosted service levels, improved forecast accuracy, and enabled new functionality for differentiated service offerings.

In this webcast, Ferguson and Logility reveal how today’s demand-driven supply chains can be flexible enough to maintain high service levels, ensure visibility throughout the network and enable effective collaboration with suppliers and customers.