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Logility Voyager Training
Logility University BannerLogility provides educational opportunities for customers and partners through a robust product-specific course curriculum. Our goal is to offer the most effective transition of knowledge to your key implementation, support and ongoing teams. Logility's education offerings are provided on a regularly scheduled basis at our education center in Atlanta or on-site at your organization.

These courses are designed to meet the needs of:

  • Current users looking to expand their skill sets
  • New personnel training
  • New project teams initiating implementations
  • Casual users

These courses are developed and maintained to support the existing technical environments offered by Logility. Courses provide updated information on the latest features of the Logility Voyager Solutions™ suite of products.

Upcoming Training Events

These courses are offered at our offices in Atlanta and have a limit of 15 students per class. For information regarding a custom training class on any of our products at your location and for pricing information, please contact or complete the form on the Course Description page.

Certification Program

In addition to educational opportunities for customers and partners, Logility University offers certification for each Logility Voyager Solution. There are three levels of certification:

  • The Foundation Level tests basic system knowledge and certifies the participant on the foundation principles of the application.
  • The Advanced Level tests a deeper understanding of system knowledge, including how to apply the solution to your business processes and become a Super User.
  • The Master Level is designed for instructors and Logility Business Partners who need to be able to train internal teams or customers on how to use the solution.

After successful completion of any course offering, each participant has the immediate opportunity to take the corresponding certification test.

Benefits of certification include:

  • Gaining recognition within your company and by your peers in your industry as a subject matter expert
  • Turbocharging your career by showing your employer that you have drive and initiative
  • Keeping your skills updated and real-world ready
  • Positioning yourself as a future leader
  • Increasing your on-the-job confidence
  • Increasing your value to your company

Logility Education Services Terms and Conditions