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Forecasting/DRP/Supply Planning/Collaboration

IA-500-PS:Logility Voyager Solutions Interface and Administration Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to provide the client with an understanding of how to support Logility Voyager Solutions, interpret (and code to) Logi... View Course

DP-200-DA:Voyager Demand Planning Analyst Workshop

DP-200-DA is designed for Demand Planning Analysts primarily responsible for producing and maintaining forecasts. The class provides an introduction t... View Course

IR-200-DA:Voyager Inventory and Replenishment Planning Analyst Workshop

IR-200-DA is designed for the inventory manager and the replenishment planning analyst. Through discussion and a hands-on exercise, the class will cov... View Course

SP-200-DA:Voyager Supply Planning Model Building

SP-200-DA is intended for the Supply Planning Analyst. The class walks the student through the step-by-step requirements to build models and how the s... View Course

Inventory Optimization

IO-200-DA:Voyager Inventory Optimization (PowerChain Inventory) Advanced Training

Voyager Inventory Optimization (PowerChain Inventory) Advanced Training.... View Course

IO-100-DA:Voyager Inventory Optimization (PowerChain Inventory) Fundamentals

Voyager Inventory Optimization (PowerChain Inventory) Fundamentals.... View Course

Manufacturing Planning

MP-200-DA:Voyager Manufacturing Planning Basic Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to educate the Manufacturing Planning implementation team about the basic and intermediate functionalities of Manufact... View Course

Transportation Planning

TP-200-DA:Voyager Transportation Planning and Management User Detail Workshop

This workshop is designed primarily for the transportation analyst using Transportation Planning and Management to plan and manage transportation. The... View Course

Warehouse Management Planning

WP-200-DA:Voyager WarehousePRO User Education and Training

A number of standard training workshops are available to ensure the smooth training of users. These workshops prepare end users—both core and on... View Course