Advanced Analytics

Turn information into action using predictive advanced analytics.

Become proactive ... Logility Voyager Solutionsdeliver built-in performance management capabilities that combine prescriptive actions with artificial intelligence and recommend an intelligent response. You can manage supply chain analytics processes on an exception basis, and effectively leverage your human assets to accomplish more. And do it more easily. Via the Internet, Logility automatically monitors and measures critical events in your supply chain and sends you instant alerts of conditions that need attention.

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Stay on top of global supply chain activities.

You’ll have constant visibility of forecasts, orders, shipments, inventory, production, distribution and retail operations. With real-time information, you’ll stay on top of planning initiatives across your business, omni-channel and multi-enterprise networks.  You can also resolve issues before they come problems. Gain visibility. Improve agility. Reduce cycle times. And increase profits.

Using Logility’s advanced analytics, you can:

  • Monitor, control, alert, simulate and measure critical supply chain and retail performance
  • Transform your business from a reactive mode to a proactive one
  • Focus your team on high impact, value-add activities
  • Leverage big data to gain new insights
  • Focus on tasks and activities with the highest priority
  • Resolve supply chain issues before they become problems

Is Logility’s Advanced Analytics a fit for your company?

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