Tuesday Morning Turns Seasonality into an Advantage

Tuesday Morning has over 800 stores and operates as a retailer of upscale decorative home accessories, housewares, seasonal goods, and famous-maker gifts.


As Tuesday Morning continues to grow, it needs greater visibility, better scenario analysis and enhanced reviews before allocating and grouping SKUs to each of its stores.


Tuesday Morning deployed Logility Voyager Allocation and enhanced visibility into forecasted demand and allows the planning team to rapidly develop and evaluate multiple scenarios on when and where to most profitably allocate inventory.

Bottom Line

  • Easily allocate individual SKUs as a collection or independent merchandise to specific store location
  • Ability to generate “what-if” scenarios and allocate inventory across its more than 800 locations
  • Quick implementation resulting in rapid ROI
  • Reduced dependence on spreadsheets allowing the allocation team to invest more time into strategic value-add analysis
  • Enhanced visibility into forecasted demand rapidly allowing for evaluation across multiple scenarios on when and where to allocate the most profitable inventory
  • Increased seasonal offerings to 21% of merchandise