Premier Farnell Synchronizes Its Supply Chain to Boost Customer Service

Premier Farnell markets and distributes more than 600,000 electronic components and industrial maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products to 430,000 customers in 36 countries.


As part of the effort to rebrand four businesses in its marketing and distribution division, Premier Farnell wanted to cross-sell products across its subsidiary businesses and give customers access to a greater array of products from the Premier Farnell company of their choice. With the Premier Farnell initiative, the company needed to be able to deliver a single order from multiple warehouses, support the implementation of new warehouse locations, increase order visibility, improve service and reduce inventory levels.


Logility Voyager Solutions helped Premier Farnell achieve the best balance between customer service levels and inventory requirements.

Bottom Line

  • Increased customer service levels while reducing inventory by 5%
  • Helped facilitate corporate efforts to cross-sell products across Premier Farnell companies and give customers access to over 400,000 products
  • Supported Premier Farnell’s efforts to drive collaborative partnerships with key suppliers