Intertape Polymer Group Wraps Up Supply Chain Improvements

Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) is one of the largest tape and film manufacturers in North American and is a recognized producer of woven coated fabrics. Its products are used in both industrial and retail environments.


IPG needed to increase visibility into customer demand, rationalize a large product portfolio due to rapid growth and improve internal collaboration.


IPG implemented Logility Voyager Solutions¬ô and experienced significant supply chain improvements.

Bottom Line

  • Improved fill rates from less than 70% to 95%
  • Increased forecast accuracy (MAPE) from 56% to 86%
  • Achieved a $40 million year-over-year reduction in total corporate inventory
  • Achieved $13 million year-over-year reduction in RDC inventory
  • Reduced slow moving and obsolete inventory by $10 million year-over-year
  • Enabled IPG to cost-effectively open a Consumer Distribution Center (CDC)
  • Significantly improved customer service levels and overall satisfaction