Citizen Improves Supply Chain Planning in No Time

Citizen Watch Company of America, the number one watch brand in the midmarket, maintains an intricate omni-channel network that exceeds 10,000 stores and includes over 15 major e-commerce sites.


Big-box and e-commerce retailers have disrupted traditional brick and mortar retail channels, while consumer preferences in the affordable luxury watch category have also undergone significant change.


Logility Voyager Solutions™ helped Citizen Watch Company of America keep time with an ever-changing product catalog, including demand segmentation for core products and assortment planning for exclusive and new product introductions by channel and customer.

Bottom Line

  • Improved S&OP process
  • Leverage demand segmentation and assortment planning for new product introductions
  • Enhanced long-range planning
  • Enabled volumetric and financial planning analysis

Supported better decision making