Caribou Coffee Balances the Challenges of a Growing Supply Chain

Founded in 1992, Caribou Coffee is one of the leading branded coffee companies in the United States, with a compelling multi-channel approach for its customers. Based on the number of coffeehouses, Caribou is the second largest company-operated premium coffeehouse operator in the United States.

Caribou managed its supply chain with spreadsheets which limited the ability to gauge demand only by the order-fill numbers of product leaving the warehouse—basic replenishment. The supply chain team needed more accurate visibility to drive a more efficient operation, right-size inventory, maintain customer service and expand product sales.

Caribou Coffee deployed Logility Voyager Solutions™ and was able to transition to weekly demand planning and forecasting, accelerate inventory turns and streamline replenishment.

Bottom Line

  • Maintained customer service levels at above 99%
  • Decreased write-offs due to aged inventory significantly
  • Accelerated inventory turns by 35%
  • Transitioned demand planning and forecasting from monthly to weekly process
  • Established the foundation for strategic business planning