Brightstar Revolutionizes End-to-End Supply Chain Performance

Brightstar is the world’s leading mobile services company for managing devices and accessories. Brightstar works with carrier, retail and enterprise customers across 70 countries, touching every stage of a device’s life cycle.


Brightstar operates a highly complex global supply chain that must be responsive to shifts in demand—including new product introductions —and the diverse needs of its carrier, retail and enterprise customers.


Logility Voyager Solutions™ helped Brightstar to drive forecast accuracy, foster collaboration with customers and suppliers, optimize inventory investments, accelerate retail availability and replenishments and increase visibility across its supply chain.

Bottom Line

  • Gained end-to-end supply chain planning visibility from manufacture to sale
  • Achieved double-digit in-stock performance improvements
  • Enabled business analysts to efficiently manage a significantly larger volume of products/SKUs
  • Gained greater flexibility to respond quickly to customer and market dynamics
  • Increased forecast accuracy and inventory productivity
  • Aligned inventory investment with consumer demand
  • Reduced markdowns and out-of-stocks
  • Reduced obsolete inventory