Uses Alerts to Strengthen Demand Planning Prowess has muscled its way to the top of the health, fitness and nutrition industry. More than 32 million monthly unique visitors each month seek health and fitness content as well as access to the company’s broad range of fitness and nutrition products, including its own private label supplement line.


With a highly promotional selling environment and celebrities who may unexpectedly mention a product and spur a rush of demand,’s planners needed a better way to identify items that are under- or over-forecasted so they can take action to prevent out-of-stocks or avoid buying excess inventory.


Logility Voyager Solutions™ provide the visibility needed to make better planning decisions and more accurately respond to customer demand.

Bottom Line

  • Reduced backorders by 45%
  • Reduced inventory by over 10%
  • Reduced promotional pull down by 50%
  • Increased forecast accuracy
  • Eliminated two DCs and pared safety stock without increasing backorder percentages