Berry Global Packs More Value with an Integrated Planning Process

Berry Global’s products are integral to the success of many of the world’s best-known brands. The Fortune 500 company supplies packaging and materials used for finished products in three major markets: engineered materials (stretch wrap, trash bags, duct tape, etc.); consumer packaging (containers, tube, bottles, drink cups, etc.); and health and hygiene products (baby wipes, diaper materials, dryer sheets, etc.).

With over 40 acquisitions in 30 years and constantly changing customer requirements, Berry needed an integrated business planning process and platform to keep its supply chain running smoothly and stay ahead of its competition.

Logility Voyager Solutions™ provided a unified planning approach to help Berry generate a better demand signal, increase visibility, synchronize inventory, and optimize supply and production.

Bottom Line

  • Achieved hard dollar benefits through operational changes and optimizing production
  • Created a proven, scalable planning process applicable to all plants, products, and customers
  • Established a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement
  • Increased accuracy of promotions and event planning
  • Freed planners from routine tasks to focus on customer needs and innovation