Success story

C B Norwood Distributors cultivates data-driven culture and improves operations.

With Logility, C B Norwood Distributors changed corporate culture significantly by making meaningful data more readily available, as well as driving operating efficiencies across all departments.


C B Norwood is a leading tractor and machinery distribution group, representing some of the largest farm machinery manufacturers in the world. 

With a growing business, a complex go-to-market model and aging technology,
C B Norwood wanted to build a data-driven business culture underpinned by a modern supply chain planning solution.

Data-rich, information-poor

With business growth, a complex go-to-market model and aging technology,
C B Norwood needed a modern platform with superior analytical functions.

ERP shortcomings

The company’s ERP system provided limited analytic capabilities, and large repositories of relevant data were isolated in other business systems.

Need for operational efficiencies and cultural change

Through the use of a modern supply chain analytics suite, C B Norwood hoped to drive operating efficiencies as well as a desirable change in corporate culture.


The thrust of the initial implementation was the development of a series of ‘views’ that the business deemed critical for improving operations.
The C B Norwood implementation team was also pleased 
to discover that the Logility ecosystem included a pool of experienced consultants with distribution industry expertise. 

C B Norwood is now well on the way to developing the ‘data-driven’ disposition it set out to build. As one executive put it, “We now see the benefit of using data to make business decisions, rather than gut feel.” 

Advanced Analytics

Inventory Planning and Optimization

Data Management


Logility’s analytics functionalities allow users to conduct in-depth evaluations of each dealer in order to find opportunities that might be obscured by a simple top-level, total-sales-versus-last-year metric. For example, drilling into product-line detail may reveal situations where total sales volume is up 10% but down in a particular line by 50%. 

New data visualizations have helped the company to identify and fix inefficient warehouse practices, such as storing slow-moving items in areas better suited for fast-moving items. Warehouse employees staging shipments and filling orders now make fewer total trips and fewer long-distance trips. 

With Logility, C B Norwood has developed a data-driven business culture, identified and corrected inefficient warehouse practices, reduced customer service enquiries and eliminated IT bottlenecks. 

With Logility, we now see the benefit of using data to help make business decisions, using information to derive results as opposed to ‘gut feel’.