The Connected Enterprise

Creating the connected enterprise.

When integrations take just 30 to 60 days, your organization's time-to-value is turbocharged. You begin to reap the business rewards of your Logility Voyager Solutions™ sooner: greater supply chain visibility; more powerful demand, inventory and replenishment planning; smarter S&OP and integrated business planning; supply and inventory optimization; efficient manufacturing planning and scheduling; optimized transportation planning and management; and advanced retail merchandise planning and allocation.

Harmonize planning master data across a disparate systems landscape.

Quickly leverage the power of Logility Voyager Solutions™ across your enterprise and use big data to improve demand signals. Logility helps you quickly realize the full power of our industry-leading supply chain optimization and advanced retail planning solutions and efficiently manage supply chain master data. Unlike traditional custom-coded integration projects, Logility's unique pre-built templates, standardized connectors, and fast rules-based data transformations enable fast deployment, often cutting implementation effort and time by as much as 90%.

Can Logility help you create a connected enterprise?

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