Sales and Operations Planning

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) optimizes performance.

Experts say that if your company uses best-in-class sales and operations planning (S&OP) techniques, you average a 14% higher gross margin than your competitors. It’s no wonder that S&OP is a crucial part of a total integrated business planning solution for managing risk and maintaining profitability.

Logility transforms diverse information from sales, production, finance, marketing, transportation and procurement into one powerful central resource. Your sales and operations planning team works from a "one number" platform to save time and achieve clarity. With a comprehensive S&OP solution in place, you can cut hours and days from your planning process, streamline the planning cycle and complete multi-divisional analysis in a fraction of the time.

Logility's S&OP best practices let you compare multiple "what-if" scenarios, evaluate critical decisions, and prepare contingency strategies to avoid risk and pre-empt your competition when market situations change.

Sonoco Products implemented Logility Voyager Solutions and gained greater visibility for a more effective sales and operations planning process, reduced manual effort for the S&OP process by 90%, improved forecast error rate by 50% and created a rough cut capacity plan for production analysis, making the S&OP process even more effective.

Better supply chain decisions increase profitability

Logility helps you:

  • Align financial, sales, procurement and marketing organizations under the same vision
  • Enable your entire enterprise to operate from a "one-number" plan
  • Match demand and supply to achieve a profitable operational plan
  • Streamline the enterprise sales and operations planning process
  • Adhere to S&OP best practices and resolve performance issues
  • Report on key performance indicators that your company needs to address
  • Gain insights into your best channels and customers
  • Understand your business in terms of both financial or volumetric analysis

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