Integrated Business Planning

Marry S&OP and strategic planning for maximum advantage.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) combines sales and operations planning (S&OP) with strategic planning in one seamless business management platform to mitigate risk, harness market opportunities and accelerate decision-making. Broader in scope than S&OP, IBP accelerates financial and operational planning to create step change improvements in how companies plan, achieve business goals and drive shareholder value.

By combining volumetric and financial analysis and collaborative workflow, integrated business planning software from Logility can take your supply chain and business planning success to a higher level.

Align and synchronize your full spectrum of planning processes.

Logility's integrated business planning platform makes aligning and synchronizing your planning processes across the extended enterprise more rewarding and less challenging. One comprehensive solution platform transforms your tactical S&OP and strategic planning into a mature integrated business planning process that increases profitability, improves customer service and minimizes risk. Logility integrated business planning helps you:

  • Bring together operational, tactical, and strategic planning in one solution
  • Incorporate volumetric and financial data on the same planning platform
  • Create smart business plans over multiple time horizons
  • Analyze alternative scenarios based on revenue, profit, capacities, customer service and other critical business metrics
  • Accelerate collaboration among planners and stakeholders

Is Integrated Business Planning from Logility a fit for your business?

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