Integrated Business Planning

Synchronize tactical and strategic planning to maximize your business effectiveness.

You face a spectrum of tough planning challenges as you lead your business, meet customer service goals, analyze product and channel performance, mitigate risk, and harness opportunities to drive shareholder value. Voyager Integrated Business Planning™ (Voyager IBP) revolutionizes the business planning process by empowering sales and operations planning (S&OP), long-range strategic planning and financial business planning in one comprehensive solution. By uniting volumetric and financial planning efforts, Voyager IBP ensures your business plans are rooted in feasible supply chain network capabilities, and that resources and investments are deployed where they are most effective in achieving business goals.

Voyager IBP leverages supply chain information from sales, marketing, production, procurement, transportation, and finance to keep your team working toward a consistent plan. It helps automate and facilitate the planning process through collaborative workflow, calendars and real-time alerts that can be configured to flag critical issues as they arise across all tiers of the extended supply chain.

Make the big picture crystal clear

Based on Logility’s industry-leading analytics and optimization engines, Voyager IBP streamlines and synchronizes strategic and sales and operations planning through proven optimization capabilities, rich visualization, powerful multi-scenario analysis, collaborative workflow and real-time alerts. Voyager IBP allows you to:

  • Integrate traditional S&OP, SIOP, financial, and strategic planning under one comprehensive planning platform
  • Perform fast simulations, comparisons and What-if scenarios
  • Develop financial and volumetric plans with multiple currencies
  • Plan across global, regional and multi-divisional organizations
  • Visualize operational risk and develop risk management plans
  • Model over multiple time horizons
  • Translate between detailed and aggregate plans easily

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