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Value Chain Collaboration

Improve supply chain collaboration with your supply chain partners.

Logility improves Supply Chain CollaborationWith Logility Voyager Solutions™, you can increase supply chain collaboration with key partners, sharing real-time information, improving products and processes, and accelerating time-to-market. 

A realistic forecast of market demand is key to the entire process. Logility's value chain software helps improve forecast accuracy by getting you closer to the points of demand and supply. Multi-tiered supply chain collaboration capabilities help you optimize planning, production and fulfillment. Logility provides automatic monitoring and exception-based alerts that help you focus on issues that matter right away.

Value Chain Collaboration enables you and your supply chain partners to:

  • Improve forecast accuracy by getting closer to the points of demand and supply
  • Strengthen strategic supply chain relationships and profitability
  • Enhance sales and operations planning to achieve corporate goals
  • Accelerate and manage demand plans, direct material procurement and fulfillment throughout the supply chain
  • Manage supply chain processes on an exception basis
  • Resolve critical supply chain events through automated monitoring and alerts

Logility's value chain software strengthens strategic partner relationships.

Is Logility’s Value Chain Collaboration a match for your company? Please request info to learn more.

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