Voyager Supply Planning

Supply chain planning software simplifies sourcing and production decisions.

Logility Voyager Supply Planning™ optimizes complex sourcing and production scenarios to balance demand, supply, manufacturing and distribution constraints based on corporate goals for minimizing costs. Making optimal use of critical resources and inventory while meeting forecasted demand requires synchronization, proactive planning and efficient response to supply chain disruptions. Voyager Supply Planning matches your most profitable options to least-cost ways of satisfying requirements and optimizing complex sourcing and production decisions. You can balance resources, supply chain constraints and desired customer service levels.

Voyager Supply Planning software evaluates production, storage and transportation constraints to let you know when to make or buy products and where to reduce costs. Your replenishment process has the flexibility to support a wide range of demand variation and business constraints. You can direct labor, production and distribution resources wisely, while proactively responding to shortages or disruptions.

Choose higher-profit, least-cost ways to meet your service requirements

Voyager Supply Planning models a realistic supply chain planning network through accurate demand tracing and simultaneous sourcing. It incorporates fulfillment planning models such as Available-to-Promise, Capable-to-Promise and Profitable-to-Promise. Its real-time alerts let you prioritize and manage the supply chain at peak efficiency. Optimizing the entire supply planning process allows you to:

  • Synchronize supply with demand across complex, multi-echelon supply chains
  • Display complex supply networks to view and analyze your options
  • View planned orders and capacity usages of resources quickly
  • Take a comprehensive look at revenue and costs
  • Optimize distribution and inventory deployment to serve customers cost-effectively

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