Voyager Manufacturing Planning

Manufacturing planning optimizes constrained production scheduling.

Logility Voyager Manufacturing Planning™ helps you create long-term capacity plans and short-term detailed schedules that increase production throughput, respect manufacturing constraints, optimize changeovers and lower inventory of finished goods and raw materials. You can save time and costs across your production network and meet your service goals with accurate, effective production plans that minimize resource constraints. Manufacturing planning time can be reduced by as much as 75%, even in a highly complex production environments. 

With its powerful constraint-based planning techniques and graphical user interface, Voyager Manufacturing Planning software balances supply and demand by realistically modeling your manufacturing environment and relevant production constraints. As a critical component of your sales and operations planning (S&OP) process, it helps achieve shorter cycle times, optimized production, more responsive service and a rapid return on investment.

One of the world’s top three manufacturers and distributors of wine and spirits, Pernod Ricard uses Voyager Manufacturing Planning software to create production plans that support new product introductions, achieve true least-cost, least-change manufacturing and establish realistic inventory limits across single or multiple plants.

Reduce costs, meet customer requirements and plan production more efficiently

Voyager Manufacturing Planning gives you the power of multi-plant planning with the detail of single-plant scheduling. You can:

  • Manage single and multi-period forecast consumption, demand netting against inventory and time phased safety stocks
  • Create optimal planning manufacturing orders 
  • Update released manufacturing orders to allow planning logic to extend far beyond the capabilities of shop order sequencing
  • Manage shelf life expiration of on-hand lots, planned production, and planned receipts of raw materials, intermediates and finished goods
  • Pinpoint capacity and material exceptions with easy-to-use visual tools

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