Voyager Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Drive product availability with shorter lead times.

Logility Voyager Advanced Planning and Scheduling™ creates optimized schedules for batch processing and discrete manufacturing environments that consider machine, personnel, tooling and inventory constraints to drive shorter lead times and reliable product availability. From rough cut capacity planning to sequence optimization and resource utilization, Voyager Advanced Planning and Scheduling (Voyager APS) provides full visibility into your company's planning and production efforts and helps reduce inventories, overtime and the need for expediting.

With Voyager APS, shorter lead times and reliable promise dates drive more on-time deliveries and raise customer service levels. It predicts resource requirements and completion time for each production job, while real-time tracking and performance indicators let you adjust to events quickly and make informed production decisions with full understanding of their impact.

Meet your efficiency goals, profit objectives and customer service levels.

By incorporating the widest possible range of constraints and offering a remarkably intuitive, user-friendly visual interface, Voyager APS fits your unique production planning environment and lets you adjust on the fly to changing demand signals and the latest business priorities across manufacturing operations.

Voyager APS lets you:

  • Perform comprehensive, constraint-based planning and scheduling for batch process and discrete manufacturing with multistep work orders and complex constraints
  • Leverage powerful production scheduling and sequencing capability models to a granular level of detail
  • Plan using a range of flexible, slider-adjustable, rule-based constraints in a highly interactive visual interface
  • Generate achievable plans with a powerful algorithm-based optimizer that uses multi-pass strategy to determine the best sequence of orders at each work center

Is Voyager Advanced Planning and Scheduling a fit for your business?

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