Why Logility Voyager Solutions?

A comprehensive Integrated Business Planning solution,

Supply chain project implementationThe Logility Voyager Solutions Suite is a planning powerhouse that helps you drive revenue and profitability while improving customer service levels. Our industry-leading optimized planning solutions span demand, inventory, replenishment and supply planning; sales and operations planning (S&OP); manufacturing planning; retail merchandise planning, assortment and allocation; and transportation planning.

Advanced analytics drive focus and accelerate improvement. Logility's supply chain planning solutions leverage algorithmic planning and real-time operational measurements to give you greater visibility, flexibility and confidence. Our advanced analytics architecture measures, monitors and notifies you when key supply chain issues occur. You're able to manage by exception and focus attention where it matters the most. Through increased supply chain visibility, our customers achieve a competitive advantage from dramatic improvements in revenue, cycle time, forecast accuracy, inventory optimization, production, reduced transportation costs and improved customer satisfaction.

Rapid deployment and ROI times. Implementing an integrated business planning platform from Logility is easy, with typical implementation times much quicker than industry averages. Our customers frequently realize bottom-line results in record time.

The industry's best total cost of ownership. Logility's integrated business planning solutions are simple to maintain, even for companies with limited IT staffs. As a result, total cost of ownership is very low compared to that of other providers in the supply chain, retail and ERP solutions arenas.

Long-term support and continued innovation.

Logility's planning solutions help you stay ahead of the technology curve. You can leverage innovations like Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR®), Automated Replenishment, along with our portfolio of Cloud Services, to support your business.

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