Sourcing Management

Choose the right vendor to make your product

Sourcing Management

Make the optimal sourcing decisions based on past performance.

Concept to customer starts right here. Imagine having all the information in one place to make optimal sourcing decisions. Meeting Social Responsibility (CSR) and Good Manufacturing Practices become much easier, as does protecting your brand and reducing risk. All while increasing speed to market of your products.
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Strategic Sourcing
  • Create a request for quote (RFQ) and select participating vendors based on criteria like capacity or special machinery
  • Identify and compare global suppliers, issue RFQs and evaluate quotes from each participant
  • Notify vendors of new requests and enjoy complete visibility into the quoting, sampling and final selection process
Supply Base Management
  • Simplify the complexities of vendor management into one centralized system
  • Evaluate, manage and report on various factors including social and regulatory compliance, manufacturing capabilities and capacity
  • Have full transparency into the use of subcontractors and Tier 2 suppliers
Supply Profiles and Score Cards
  • Centrally manage your global vendor profile for quick reference
  • Create comprehensive, searchable profiles to hold vendors accountable
  • Take action to correct any non-compliance issues, including on-time deliveries, completion rate, sample approvals, performance testing, etc.
  • Use Digital Asset Management (DAM) technology to store and share pictures, videos and other digital media files
Vendor Onboarding
  • Optimize the onboarding process to help organize, vet and manage your vendors and factories to ensure overall compliance and mitigate potential risks
  • Track performance and promptly create, issue and manage Corrective Action Plans (CAPs)
CSR and GMP Audits
  • Achieve supply chain transparency, protect your brand and produce high-quality products
  • Manage the complexities of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Ensure products are consistently produced to the quality standards through Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audits
Compliance Packets
  • Maintain critical vendor information for transparency, accountability, responsible sourcing and worker non-retaliation
  • Store and manage all signed compliance documents, accessible throughout your global supply chain

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