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Voyager Allocation

Retail allocation software positions inventory to best serve customer demand

In retail supply chain management, when merchandise plans meet the real world, you need the ability to act, react, and adapt based on actual customer demand and trends. Voyager retail allocation software ensures product availability and improves customer satisfaction while efficiently managing inventory positions, strategically directing inventory to the proper channel or location to best serve customer demand.

By defining rules and work flows and attaching them to merchandise, Voyager Allocation gives you flexible control and eliminates repetitive manual actions. Whether it is a specific style/color/size in a store for next Friday, controlling the amount of back-stock in a distribution center (DC), or reserving units for a catalog based on the drop date and the item page unit projection, Logility handles the disparate requirements of stores, discount outlets, mass merchants, ecommerce, and other retail venues. You can allocate stock to distribution centers based directly on the merchandise profile of the stores and direct-to-consumer channels it serves, raising fulfillment rates while reducing back-orders, cancellations, and costly DC-to-DC and store-to-store transfers.

Logility manages allocations at the store group level using unlimited attributes and group definitions while remaining completely responsive to short-term trends at a single-store level. Allocations based on assortment plans ensure an ideal shopping experience for customers at each selling location.

“We are able to forecast and allocate against lower level store plans. We can allocate items multiple times a week to daily store need, which keeps high volume/small square footage stores in better inventory position.” – SVP of Allocation, Abercrombie & Fitch

Plans can be pushed down and tailored for individual channels and rolled up to create unified omni-channel purchase orders directly from your bottom-up store and web plans.

Voyager Allocation uniquely automates the replenishment of fashion items by recognizing short-term trends and modeling fashion item performance against similar items and categories that do have historical data. As the selling season progresses, stores and direct-to-consumer channels exhibit varying sales performance. You can enact “pull-based” store shipments based on re-forecasted projections, while keeping each store’s contribution to plan coverage in balance and factoring in minimum and maximum constraints by location.

Exceptions can be triggered to proactively manage conflicts or problem conditions as they arise.

Benefits include:

  • Leverages multiple proven allocation algorithms
  • Allocates based on store-specific trended projections
  • Drives bottom-up buy recommendations
  • Provides automated planning workflows and rapid, real time re-forecasting
  • Optimizes pre-pack
  • Matches allocation and replenishment to individual store size curves
  • Generates initial allocations using powerful percent need calculations
  • Dynamically updates future store sales and stock plans

Is Logility Allocation Planning a fit for your retail business? Please request more info to learn more.

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