Voyager Assortment Planning

Identify the optimal merchandise mix to drive revenue by store

For many retailers, perfecting item assortments—determining the best set of products for each store to carry at each point in time—is a top priority and a delicate task. Assortment planning helps maximize sales by specifying the optimal number of SKUs within a merchandise category or group to be sent to each location. Effective assortment planning manages important tradeoffs between three elements, including how many different categories to carry (breadth), how many SKUs to carry in each category (depth), and how much inventory to stock of each SKU.

The goal of assortment planners is to pre-select the right mix of merchandise to maximize sales and profit for a specified time period. The assortment plan converts the merchandise plan into SKU-level decisions that take into account the financial objectives and seasonality of merchandise, as well as constraints such as fixed store space.

Convert merchandise plans into SKU-level decisions

Logility Voyager Assortment Planning™ closes the gap between financial planning, store planning, and the buyer to accurately identify the optimal merchandise mix based on multiple factors including item attributes, store cluster and location, the quantity of product to be carried, and the phasing of products into stores.

Voyager Assortment planning helps you:

  • Simplify assortment planning and makes it an easily repeatable process
  • Dynamically sort stores into multiple volume ranges and store attribute types
  • Empower planners to leverage attributes such as vendor, color, fabric, and silhouette for consideration and analysis
  • Directly link an assortment plan, or modify it as needed, to reflect product receipts and current store needs
  • Identify the SKUs that drive sales and profits and which ones are not
  • Determine which items represent true variety rather than duplication
  • Learn which items are critical to consumer loyalty or category image

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