Product Life Cycle

Transform design productivity and bring products to market faster

Product Life Cycle Management

Complete visibility and control from concept to delivery.

Configurable and user friendly, what more can you ask for? How about a common platform for planning, merchandising, design, costing, sampling, quality and sourcing. Workflow calendars help you track progress, predict unexpected delays and keep all departments on the same page. All in real time.
With critical path management processes and the ability to create role-specific dashboards, you’ll have information at your fingertips to ensure products are on time, on trend and on budget.
Dive into the details.
Line Plans
  • Manage seasons, departments, collections and even specific styles to meet performance targets
  • Develop line plans that lay the road map for development and specify SKU count by division, category and product
  • Set financial plans that meet your revenue and profitability goals and confirm that targets are met using bottom-up analytics
  • Plan sourcing allocations by vendor and region, using capacity constraints to prevent overbooking
  • Commit to core materials to enable postponement techniques and provide supply chain agility
Tech Packs & Data Management
  • Replace spreadsheets and emails with a secure, accessible, accurate single version of the truth
  • Create product data directly or import data from legacy PLM solutions
  • Manage images, extended attributes and media copy for all distribution channels
  • Share product information with other systems such as ERP, e-Commerce and retail distribution
Product Design
  • Leverage trend and competitive analysis when defining the direction of your products and materials
  • Design and manage product concepts
  • Ensure product requirements and cost targets are met
  • Manage complex product lines
  • Enable product developers to more efficiently develop and re-use designs, materials and product specification data
  • Make collaborative decisions with vendors to break down costs and compare by line item to optimize price points and margins
  • Create multiple cost sheets per product
  • Perform ‘what if’ scenarios to determine which items hit financial targets
Sample Management
  • Reduce sampling costs by establishing product viability prior to issuing sample requests
  • Request samples, track status and enter results with comments and images
  • Automatically notify responsible parties of any rejections and create additional sample requests with corrections

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