Voyager Inventory Planning

Automated inventory planning software reduces operating costs.

The optimal inventory plan is one that minimizes inventory investments, avoids stock-outs, reduces obsolete inventory and raises customer service while improving visibility to procurement and production needs. Logility ​Voyager Inventory Planning™ allows you to effectively manage the trade-off between inventory investment and your desired customer service levels. You can synchronize flexible inventory policies and operating targets with your corporate objectives across a wide spectrum of customers, products and distribution centers, taking into account the effects of factors like seasonality, promotions and new product introductions (NPI).

Voyager Inventory Planning software automatically calculates time-phased safety stocks and replenishment quantities for each item at each location, synchronizing demand patterns, forecasts and inventory throughout your supply chain. Planners can fine-tune inventory investments and adjust policies to support customer service objectives for all seasons. Whether you use Make-to-Stock (MTS) or lean inventory models, there's no easier way to achieve your goals than with the extensive simulation capabilities of Voyager Inventory Planning, which supports Distribution Resource Planning (DRP), Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) and Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory management techniques. 

Leverage Logility solutions to optimize inventory investments

Voyager Inventory Planning's comprehensive simulations and inventory modeling capabilities help you:

  • Make effective inventory decisions about what, when and how to cost-effectively satisfy demand 
  • Automate and apply inventory management policies across all locations
  • Make broad-based changes or pinpoint overrides at the lowest level of detail
  • Establish time-phased safety stock policies
  • Streamline management of large, dynamic product portfolios

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