Voyager Integrated Business Planning

Synchronize your tactical and strategic planning to maximize business effectiveness.

Logility Voyager Integrated Business Planning™ helps visualize, evaluate and optimize plans for customers, markets, investments, and resources to achieve your business goals and drive shareholder value. In the battle to accelerate and optimize smart business decisions, Voyager Integrated Business Planning (Voyager IBP) unites volumetric and financial information to empower both sales and operations planning (S&OP) and long-range strategic planning in one flexible planning and decision support system.

By covering both strategic and tactical planning horizons, Voyager IBP roots your business plans in feasible supply chain network capabilities and helps you deploy resources and investments where they are most effective in achieving business goals. Voyager IBP revolutionizes the business planning process and boosts your planning confidence by fully evaluating the merits of multiple alternative paths, helping you visualize end-to-end impacts as far as ten years into the future.

Make the big picture crystal clear.

Voyager IBP leverages information from sales, marketing, production, procurement, transportation, and finance to keep your team working toward a consistent plan. It automates and facilitates the planning process through collaborative workflow, calendars and real-time, configurable alerts that can flag critical issues as they arise across all tiers of the extended supply chain.

Voyager IBP helps you:

  • Span traditional S&OP, SIOP, financial and strategic planning in one solution
  • Unite volumetric and financial data in a single planning platform
  • Synchronize strategic and tactical processes over multiple time horizons, from five years of history to 10 years into the future
  • Plan and display mixed currencies across global, regional and multidivisional organizations
  • Identify and assess risk to ensure mitigation and prompt response to disruptions

Is Voyager Integrated Business Planning a match for your company?

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