Proportional Profile Planning

Close the gap between demand planning, supply, sourcing and production planning with proportional profile planning.


Strategic Outcomes

Accurate demand planning and the visibility to make early product sourcing decisions are crucial to driving supply chain efficiencies and boosting profitability. However, for items serving multiple markets with multiple configurations, companies often struggle to disaggregate forecasts from the product level to the SKU or even more granular level. Logility’s proportional profile planning provides the clarity and confidence required to make sourcing commitments and production orders for specific items earlier in the cycle, enabling on-time delivery at the lowest cost. 


Increase visibility

Produce the optimal forecast for increased visibility and greater efficiency across your global supply chain network.

Boost profitability

Reduce the need for costly markdowns and excess inventory through more precise demand plans which model historical patterns of items with similar attributes.

Improve supply chain performance

Drive optimized material purchases, earlier production commitments, less expediting and other cost efficiencies with advanced SKU level forecasting.

Close the loop

Automate the steps required to disaggregate a business-level forecast down to the SKU and close the loop between high-level demand planning and detailed supply, sourcing and production planning.


Produce the best possible detailed forecast for increased visibility and greater efficiency across your global supply chain network.

Forecast efficiently

Forecast large numbers of product configurations efficiently. 

Optimize inventory

Apply time-phased profiles to optimize inventory at each life cycle stage.

Create flexible profiles

Build flexible multi-tier profiles with any number of levels of aggregation.

Synchronize planning

Synchronize demand planning with supply, sourcing and production planning.

We’ve automated a lot of processes with Logility, so our planners can focus on things that make a difference. We’re also positioned to grow revenue as our business continues to evolve.
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